SF Giants announcer calls out Dodgers for "idiotic" celebration

Dave Flemming minced no words about the Dodgers.
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

The SF Giants just took down the Dodgers to win this weekend's series against their hated rivals. Giants braodcaster Dave Flemming also got a win when he called out Enrique Hernandez for his "idiotic" celebration of a double.

SF Giants announcer calls out Dodgers for "idiotic" celebration

This play involving Hernandez occurred in the top of the 3rd when Hernandez got a double. He barely got into second base safely and when he got up he did the obnoxious Dodgers shimmy-dance-monstrosity that their players have been doing apparently whenever they get a double. Will Smith did it in yesterday's extra innings explosion for the Dodgers.

Our own Jeff Young pointed out on the social media platform X that Dave Flemming, the usually reserved radio announcer and broadcaster for the Giants, minced no words and straight up called the dance move "idiotic."

It is great to see Flemming calling it like it is. The fact that the Dodgers were already down in the game makes the dancing even more ridiculous and embarrassing.

Compare this rehearsed and ridiculous celebration to the celebration that Spencer Bivens had after striking out Shohei Ohtani in the fifth inning. Bivens, who is a 30 year old rookie after a circuitous route to MLB, just let his raw emotion pour out of him with a big fist pump after he struck out the best player in the game. That is what the game is all about, not contrived little dances at second base that would have earned a player a fastball up and in in his next at-bat not too long ago.

Of course, the celebration by Bivens rubbed one Dodgers beat writer the wrong way. The writer said that Bivens acted like he won the World Series after striking out Ohtani. This is a weird complaint, especially given the fact that this beat writer has not seen the Dodgers win a legitimate World Series in quite some time. What would he know what winning a World Series looks like? Maybe from the times the Dodgers lost in 2017 and 2018.

Nonetheless, it was great to see Flemming point out the idiocy of this Dodgers celebration. What makes it even sweeter is that the Giants came out and embarrassed the Dodgers in the rubber match of this series and now have some momentum before going back on the road.