SF Giants announcer has heartbreaking on-air reaction to death of Willie Mays

SF Giants radio announcer Dave Flemming had to break the sad news to fans on the radio.
San Francisco Giants
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The SF Giants announced the incredibly sad news that Willie Mays passed away on Tuesday at the age of 93. Giants broadcaster Dave Flemming had the unenviable task of relaying the news to fans over the radio and his reaction was heartbreaking.

SF Giants announcer has heartbreaking on-air reaction to death of Willie Mays

The video of Flemming's reaction can be found here. The clip is long, but if you watch it in its entirety, you can tell when Flemming has seen the sad news that the greatest Giant, and quite arguably the best baseball player in history, has passed away. At one point, he says,"You're going to have to forgive me here if..." but he trails off and resumes calling the game.

Later in the inning after Dansby Swanson grounds out to Matt Chapman, he says, "I'm having a hard time saying the words..." before trailing off again. As the inning ends on a groundout, Flemming tells the audience that Mays has passed away. He lets the news linger for a good 10 seconds, certainly trying to collect his emotions while at the same time giving a brief moment of silence to honor Mays.

Then, he gets choked up when he says, "Right as we get ready to...head to his hometown and honor the great Willie Mays...we have to say goodbye." This part made me teary-eyed as well. Flemming is referring to Thursday's game at Rickwood Field which is where Mays played for the Birmingham Black Barons in the Negro Leagues. It would have been amazing for Mays to have seen the Giants take the field at Rickwood.

It was a beautiful and human moment from Flemming. It is never easy to have to relay such sad news right as you are receiving it, but he did a beautiful job capturing everyone's emotions in that moment.

I was actually at the game against the Cubs last night when the news was announced. I could see Logan Webb stop dead in his tracks before taking the mound as he removed his cap, clearly moved by the news in a moment that he talked about after the game.

To the credit of Wrigley Field and the Cubs fans in attendance, there was a moment of silence for Willie but fans gave a very polite round of applause which did not seem out of place given the incredible career Mays had and the incredible man he was.

It was a sad night for Giants fans and the baseball world at large. No one captured that sadness and raw emotion better than Dave Flemming with his beautiful and heartbreaking reaction on the radio.