What to Expect from San Francisco Giants in the Second Half

KANSAS CITY, MO - APRIL 19: Starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner
KANSAS CITY, MO - APRIL 19: Starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner /

With the All-Star break behind us, we’ll take a look at what San Francisco Giants fans can expect from the team in the second half of the 2017 season.

We all know the first half was terrible, so let’s put it behind us. The second half will be like a whole new season for the San Francisco Giants.

There is no way they are making the playoffs this year, so the second half should be about building for the future.

I expect to see a lot of Triple-A players called up in the second half to see what they can do at the big league level. We’ve already seen several prospects called up in the first half, and that trend should continue in the second half. The San Francisco Giants need to know who will be a part of their future, so we need to see what some of these young guys can do.

I also expect to see a lot of trades. Anybody that isn’t a part of this future, needs to be traded this year. The only players safe — in my opinion — are Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford.

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Anyone else can be moved for the right price. The Giants don’t just need to move players for the sake of moving them, but they have to get quality talent in return. It would be even better to get talent that is almost big league ready to help make this a quick rebuild.

With that you can expect to see a lot of new faces in the second half. Hopefully that leads to much better play.

With everyone competing for future playing time, I think the San Francisco Giants will be a much more consistent team in the second half.

Of course, it will help just to have Bumgarner back. But I think the San Francisco Giants can play close to .500 baseball in the second half.

I know it was a horrible first half, but I’m actually excited about the second half. The month of July should be very entertaining to see what the San Francisco Giants do before the trade deadline.

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So as bad as the first half of this season was for San Francisco Giants fans, I think it will still be a fun second half to see what the future of this team will look like.