San Francisco Giants:Who did you want to win? (Poll)


Here at Around the Foghorn, we like to take retrospectives and look at things from different angles. As a fan of the San Francisco Giants, we have pledged our allegiance to the orange and black. But what about those times when the team is not in the final game? Who do you, or did you, root for?

This is a look at the 1988 World Series between the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers. Both teams have their own rivalry with the Giants, but are far different in many ways.

The Giants-Dodgers rivalry is historic. The most intense rivalry in all of sports. The rivalry with the A’s is more geographic. Like a cousin coming to stay for a week who decides that he likes it here. And he was taking all the best pieces of food at dinner too.

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So when it came time to decide who I was going to root for in the 1988 World Series I decided that I was going to back the team that would anger Giants management the most if they won, so I went for the Dodgers.

I understand that this is sacrileges to some fans. But being a fan of National League baseball and respecting the Dodgers organization were two reasons. But knowing that the Dodgers may become satisfied with their championship, and therefore lose some of their hunger was another.

So when Kirk Gibson hit that shot off of Dennis Eckersley, I was cheering.

Of course, having friends constantly talking about how much better the A’s wer than the Giants didn’t help sway my judgement in their direction. Not that it mattered who I went for. But, yes there was a little jealousy hidden amongst those feelings.

So now I would like to find out from you. Was I completely in the minority here?

The Dreaded Split Cap

Or does this cap represent a larger group of fans that see past the geographical rivalry, and see it as embracing the territorial representative?

At this point, I could really care less if the A’s are in the World Series now that the Giants have washed away most of the muck that was trudged through early in my fandom. But back then, it was all about not wanting to hear about it every day from A’s fans.

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And boy did that come to pass the following year.