AtF Podcast: Orange And Black Friday Edition


We’re back with episode 7 of the Around The Foghorn Podcast. Chris and Eric spend 90 minutes talking about the greatest Giants player no one talks about anymore, Brett Pill.


We wouldn’t do that to you. He gets a mention, but I’m totally messin’ with you.

This was a really fun podcast. Co-Editor Denise Walos joined us today for most of the show, and there was a surprise call in guest! Brown Beasley, a “Die hard Dodger fan”, called up to chime in. Never did we expect that our first caller would root for LA, but it’s nice to know the Dodgers fans are listening.

I have one question for you Brown Beasley. If the Dodgers don’t think about the Giants except when they come to town, then why are you listening to a Giants podcast in late November? Kind of a head scratcher. But hey, we appreciate the listen.

To start the day we covered the recent news of Ryan Vogelsong coming back. We recorded this morning and the news that the deal was final pending a physical broke right after we recorded. There’s plenty of talk about our thoughts on Vogelsong. Denise covered that here:

Giants Sign Ryan Vogelsong To 1 Year Contract, Pending Physical

After talk about Ryan Vogelsong we tackled the concern that is left field. I’ll tell ya this much, we don’t have the answers either. We all discuss trade possibilities (Eric really likes Alex Gordon) and possible free agents.

Later on we discuss the Rule 5 Draft and talk about the winter meetings. Those start December 9th at Disney World. We get an explanation on the Rule 5 Draft from Denise, and Eric finally understands it after 34 years. Denise also covered that here:

Giants Rule 5 Draft Deadline Approaching

Near the end Denise, Chris, and Eric discuss how the Giants are starting to take form as a team and what other options are left for them to pursue. Chad Gaudin gets some love, because remember, Chad Gaudin? And yes, Brett Pill does garner mention.

It was an epic podcast and is really worth a listen. It was the most fun we’ve had during a show and appreciate all of the listeners. There is a live chatbox that we can use during the show and most of the Around The Foghorn staff had joined in by the end. It felt like everyone was on the show, and was quite the party.

Once again, thanks for listening!

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