Giants Rule 5 Draft Deadline Approaching

By Denise Walos

The deadline of 12am ET is looming and we should soon find out what additions and changes are made to the Giants 40-man roster. The Rule 5 draft was put in place so that MLB teams couldn’t stockpile talent in the minor leagues for years on end.

Under the Rule 5 draft, players signed at 18 years of age are protected for five years and players 19 years or older are protected for four years when they sign with a team. After that, they are eligible to be drafted by another team but must remain on the drafted team’s 25-man roster for the full season. If not, they must offer the player back to his former team for $25,000.

Here is an unlikely scenario as an example:

  • The Giants do not put 2010 first-round draft pick Gary Brown on the 40-man roster by 12am ET tonight.
  • Gary Brown is eligible to be picked up in the Rule 5 draft in December at the Winter Meetings.
  • The Marlins pick up Gary Brown and pay the Giants $50,000 to draft him.
  • Gary Brown must stay on the Marlins’ active 25-man roster the whole season and avoid any visit to the DL within 90 days of signing with his new team.
  • If either of those things happen, Gary Brown must be offered back to the Giants for $25,000.
  • If the Giants are no longer interested in Gary Brown, they can decline and the Marlins would need to put him on waivers.

Here is the list of minor players that must be added to the Giants 40 man roster by 12am ET, or are eligible to be drafted by another MLB team. Noteables: Gary Brown, Brett Bochy, Adam Duvall, Austin Fleet, Devin Harris.

Below is the current depth chart for the Giants reviewed November 20, 2013 before any announcements were made. Obviously a few adjustments need to be made with the departure of Barry Zito. There are currently 37 on the 40-man roster.