Friday’s Lineups and Quick Pre-Gamer: Nate and His Two Rings Comes Home


Apr. 23, 2012; Flushing, NY, USA; San Francisco Giants right fielder Nate Schierholtz (12) triples to center during the seventh inning of game one against the New York Mets at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Since I just jotted down the series preview, don’t mind that this pre-gamer is a little quicker, especially due to the fact that I’m doing this from my parent’s computer and not in the confines of my own abode (or computer). The Giants are only a half game better than the Cubs, whom have traded off some of their players, and former Giant Nate Schierholtz has also started to see his name included in trade rumors. That’s a pretty good deal for Chicago, signing a guy to a $2.25MM contract, and you could get some sort of prospect out of him due to your team being one of those selling teams. The Cubs also bring in prospect Junior Lake, who was loved across prospect message boards for years, or so I hear. He’s had a decent start to the year, which I go into in the series preview also. The lineups for today are looking like this:

Lake has played the majority of his games in CF, but will play his second game in left tonight. The series preview also gives you a cool stat on Edwin Jackson and how he’s done in high leverage situations.

Tony Abreu, not Marco Scutaro, occupies the two spot because second baseman must bat second. Also, tonight is Marco Scutaro’s rainglobe night and he’s not even in the game! What gives!

I lightly speculated on twitter that Jake Dunning’s four straight days of work before the day off might have been reason for his being sent down, and it turns out it was. As long as he gets his rest, I’ve no problem with that move. Also, you may have heard about the minor move that brought former Oakland Athletic Guillermo Moscoso to the Giants minor league system. It is speculated that he could be brought up as early as this weekend.

We’ve been busy at AtF today, giving you material about Brian Wilson, prospect lists, and an interview with Giants Director of Social Media Bryan Srabian! Give ’em a read!

Friday night’s game will get going at 7:15PM PST.