Marco Scutaro Rainglobe

By Melissa Felkins

Tonight’s the night. What night, you ask? Well, it’s Marco Scutaro Rainglobe night at AT&T Park. Perhaps the official title is Social Media Night, but the key take away from this pre-game special event is the Scutaro Rainglobe.

What a wonderful, marvelous idea is was, too. Fans of social media should feel a twinge of satisfaction seeing as how the idea of the rainglobe came from a fan, which was then written about at McCovey Chronicles, and picked up plenty of steam on Twitter. Enough steam that the Giants Marketing and Social Media Departments took notice.

In case you are wondering what the heck we’re talking about here, I’ll assume you were either in a coma during the 2012 NLCS or are a new Giants fan. Rather than tell you, I’ll show you.

Isn’t it beautiful? So beautiful that Tom Verducci called it “surreal” and had this to say  about it when the NLCS was over.

"rain falling, the crowd delighting in the soaking, the infield shimmering as if a mountaintop lake, a moat of runoff water ringing the pitcher’s mound. … It was the rain version of a giant snow globe — a moment a Giants fan can put on their mantle, something to cherish on the worst days of some future sour season or the worst cold snap in the middle of winter when baseball seems far away.Read More:"

Well, tonight, those of us going to Social Media Night are going to get just that. That “moment a Giants fan can put on their mantle, something to cherish on the worst of days.” In fact, this rainglobe may actually be a public service to Giants fans. I certainly may need it to get myself through the rest of the season.

If you’re at the game or the pre-event tonight, hit me up on Twitter @melfelk and we can certainly connect and gaze in awe at our Rainglobes while we drink coffee in the new Social Media Cafe.

Also, be sure to check out this video produced by SFG Productions.