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MLB Spring Breakout will offer several Giants prospects the chance to shine.

San Francisco Giants 2023 first-round pick Bryce Eldridge
San Francisco Giants 2023 first-round pick Bryce Eldridge / Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco Giants pitching prospect Hayden Birdsong had a message for the rest of Major League Baseball. The right-hander said, “People should be scared, let’s put it that way. It should be fun. There’s a lot of dudes in here.”

Birdsong and the rest of the best arms in the Giants farm system will get the opportunity to prove themselves on the biggest stage afforded to the top prospects in the game. MLB Spring Breakout is Major League Baseball's latest initiative to get fans more interested in the game.

The four-day, 16-game event will feature the top prospects from every team in the sport, and the Giants will battle the Oakland Athletics on March 15th at 12:05 p.m. PT. You can watch all the action right here on Around the Foghorn.

Watch SF Giants vs. Athletics Spring Breakout game: Roster, rules

The Giants roster will be loaded with talent. In addition to the confident Birdsong, San Francisco's pitching staff will include left-hander Joe Whitman, and right-handers Landen Roupp and Trevor McDonald. The three-batter minimum does not apply during these games, so Giants fans should be able to see the entire group of young arms during the seven-inning affair.

The Giants will also send shortstop Walker Martin, Rayner Arias, and Top 100 prospect Bryce Eldridge. In addition to just playing seven innings, some ballparks will offer teams the ability to challenge balls and strikes with MLB's new Automated Ball-Strike (ABS) system.

Most of Commissioner Rob Manfred's ideas of how to improve the game of baseball have been met with criticism. But this one seems to hit all the high notes. Enjoy the game, Giants fans.

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