Two SF Giants stars show out at the 2023 MLB All-Star Game

SF Giants, Camilo Doval, Alex Cobb
SF Giants, Camilo Doval, Alex Cobb / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The MLB just wrapped up their yearly mid-summer classic with another competitive All-Star Game, the 93rd edition of the event, and in the National League's 3-2 victory over the American League, we saw two SF Giants arms stand out in a big way.

Two SF Giants stars show out at the 2023 MLB All-Star Game

First up in the 4th inning was Alex Cobb, competing in his first All-Star Game at age 35, and he did not disappoint, allowing no hits, walking Shohei Ohtani and striking out 1 hitter in the form of Tampa Bay Rays superstar Randy Arozarena.

Sure, it wasn't the biggest highlight of the night, but Cobb has been an excellent pitcher for over a decade now, and this showing on one of the biggest stages baseball has to offer was well deserved, and he showed that even against the best bats in the sport, he is more than up for the challenge.

Next up was the flame-throwing Camilo Doval, who electrified the Seattle audience with 100+ mph that we've all become accustomed to, as well as having one of the at-bats of the day against Julio Rodriguez, who was promptly struck out much to the dismay of the home crowd.

As a Giant, Doval is often overlooked in the conversation surrounding the best relievers in the game, and while this didn't cement him as the best, it certainly got a lot more eyes on him, showing that he can potentially be the best closer in the sport for a long time to come.

Ultimately, the Giants have much bigger goals as a team in 2023, but to see two of their best players take the stage and perform like this must have made the organization proud as they look to become a powerhouse in the stacked National League.

It was a bit odd as well. Many Giants remember Johnny Cueto yielded three earned runs across 1.2 innings as the starter for the 2016 All-Star game. He is not the only one. Atlee Hammaker's disastrous outing in the 1983 All-Star game resulted in seven earned runs across 0.2 innings. To see Cobb and Doval get through their outings without allowing a run was a welcomed changed.