Three Takeaways From The SF Giants Series Against The Baltimore Orioles

SF Giants, Alex Cobb
SF Giants, Alex Cobb / Andy Kuno/San Francisco Giants/GettyImages
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Over the past few weeks, the SF Giants have been one of the hottest teams in all of baseball, but over the weekend, they did battle against one of the best teams in the major leagues in the Baltimore Orioles, coming away with a 1-2 record to get the season record to 29-30.

Three Takeaways From The SF Giants Series Against The Baltimore Orioles

Despite the series loss, the Giants once again flashed plenty of potential, esepcially with the young stars on their roster, and with two very winnable series upcoming, this will give them a platform to go on another run and get back over .500 on the season.

So what can we learn from the three game series against the incredibly tough Baltimore Orioles?

1. The SF Giants have two big aces

While the overall pitching staff has struggled for consistency throughout the 2023 season, recent times have given them plenty of reasons to be positive, with both Logan Webb and Alex Cobb firing on all cylinders.

In this series, we saw two great performances, with Cobb hurling 7.2 innings of 5 hit, shutout ball on Saturday, with Webb opening the series with 7 innings of three run ball, albeit in an incredibly close and competitive 3-2 loss.

At the deadline, the Giants should be looking to add another arm to complement their top two horses, but for now, if the Giants can make it to the playoffs, there will be few teams in the National League that can match up with them in a series.