Should the SF Giants trade infielder J.D. Davis this winter?

With the possibility that the SF Giants could sign Matt Chapman in free agency, should the team trade J.D. Davis to make room at the hot corner?
San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants
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The SF Giants have a number of players who can play third base for them currently on the roster. This includes J.D. Davis, Wilmer Flores, Casey Schmitt, Marco Luciano, and Tyler  Fitzgerald. That’s not to mention David Villar in the minors. 

Should the SF Giants trade infielder J.D. Davis this winter?

Then there is the possibility that the team could add a Gold Glove third baseman this offseason. The most likely addition at the hot corner would be Matt Chapman. Given Chapman's prior connections to both Bob Melvin and Farhan Zaidi, there will be plenty of rumors involving him and San Francisco.

But if the Giants were to sign Chapman, it would create a bit of a dilemma for them at the hot corner. Wilmer Flores would not be traded after a season in which he basically was the Giants' offense in the second half. Flores would make sense as a DH/first base option. 

While Casey Schmitt experienced his fair share of struggles in his rookie season, the Giants may not want to give up on a young player who showed a lot of promise. Plus, the Giants likely called him up too early last year, so a little extra minor league seasoning would not be a bad thing. 

But when it comes to Davis, he seems like the most likely to be moved if the Giants were to sign Chapman. Last season, Davis was arguably the best hitter on the team in the first half. His defense was also markedly improved which was a welcome surprise.

Chapman has a much better track record, but Davis' overall numbers in 2023 were serviceable. That said, Chapman's defense is top-level as he just won his fourth Gold Glove award. His offense is probably comparable to Davis, but at his peak, he has had more power. 

It would be tough to imagine Davis staying on the roster if the Giants get Chapman. There would just not be enough room and Davis would deserve to have more playing time elsewhere. 

However, if the Giants are unable to sign Chapman or decide that he is not enough of an upgrade over Davis to warrant the cost, then Davis will almost certainly be the starting third baseman in 2024. The veteran bat will be one name to watch this winter as the Giants could look to upgrade his position, and if they do, it could mean the end of his time with San Francisco.