SF Giants 2022 Top 30 Prospects: May Update

Heliot Ramos
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After a month of action, it's time to update my top 30 prospects. I'll get to the why in a sec but in case you need a refresher, here is my 2022 pre-season top 30 prospects and the thought process of creating the last a few months ago.

SF Giants 2022 Top 30 Prospects: May Update

Let's get to the topic at hand first before the actual ranking. Typically, many major publications and other Giants prospect rankings will release a mid-season update and at times release an update right at the end of the Minor League season. Based on my experience though, I feel that recency bias got the better of me rather than perusing the entire body of work throughout the first half of the season, especially on the bottom ten. That's why I was releasing patch notes throughout a final couple of months of last season on my Patreon (kindly subscribe, helps me a ton!), tweaking a couple or so prospects' tool grades to help set me up for the big pre-season shuffle. So I made an oath to myself to update my rankings more often (which is monthly for this season) because if I'm going to be caught by recency bias, at least I can make some tinkerings in the next month. All in all, think of this May update as a power ranking of a sort.

Note: I will also take note of how many spots were gained or lost compared to the pre-season ranking. If a prospect gained a spot, there will be a (+) and the corresponding spots moved, and conversely, a (-) and the corresponding spots moved for the fallers. If someone holds his spot, the prospect will have a (0) and an (NR) for the newcomers.

Graduated: Joey Bart and Camilo Doval (they will be omitted from the May update)

Without further ado, let's get into it, shall we?