Remembering my favorite SF Giants play from Brandon Crawford

With SF Giants legend Brandon Crawford likely playing his last game in San Francisco, let's take a look at one of his most impressive plays.
Cleveland Guardians v San Francisco Giants
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With Brandon Crawford likely having played his last game for the SF Giants, let's take a look at one of the most impressive plays from his career.

Remembering my favorite SF Giants play from Brandon Crawford

We have seen tributes pore in for Crawford and many note his accomplishments in the game such as World Series rings and Gold Gloves. This is for good reason because they illustrate just how great a Giants career he had.

But we can't forget the pure spectacle it was to see Crawford suit up and play shortstop just about every day in his prime. It felt like you were bound to see him make at least one play that made you audibly go, "Wow."

In honor of Crawford, let's examine one such play that occurred in 2016:

This may not be the greatest web gem of Crawford's career (note that he did not even use his glove). But it is one that has stuck in my mind over the years.

It is perfectly emblematic of Crawford's time with the Giants because he makes a play that is incredibly difficult look so dang easy. That had become the norm in Crawford's career as he made the impossible look possible with ease.

Crawford spoiled us for so long making ridiculous plays like this. I mean, thik of how difficult a play that is. First off, Paul Goldschmidt hit it right off home plate so it launches in the air.

Who knows what sort of funky, wicked spin that ball is going to have. Not only does Crawford anticipate this spin perfectly, but he also fields the ball with his bare hand.

Not only does he field the ball with his bare hand, but his arm is already cocked back ready to throw because he knows he needs to get that ball to first as quickly as possible.

It's just a ridiculously impressive play that most fans probably would not bat an eye at because Crawford seemed to make plays like this all the time. It just shows how spoiled we have been with him for so long.

So thank you B-Craw. You did so much while you were a Giant and you will forever be missed but never forgotten.