Ranking the SF Giants 5 best value-for-money acquisitions under Farhan Zaidi

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Ranking the SF Giants 5 best value-for-money acquisitions under Farhan Zaidi

4. Joc Pederson was a steal for the SF Giants, and he’s already paying off

Despite being less than a month into his Giants career, Joc Pederson has been fantastic for this squad, and it boggles the mind that such a great player, especially in October could be had for such a bargain.

In 15 games, Joc has powered six home runs and is currently a key piece in this lineup in the lead off spot, and if he can continue this pace, he might be the biggest steal in free agency, and perhaps the best overall signing.

While not your traditional Farhan project, as Joc has been a big name player and starred in the playoffs, to get him for just $6m a year, his output deserves so much more than that.

5. Alex Wood is a perfect example of an SF Giants value for money signing

The SF Giants have always taken pride in their pitching, and while Alex Wood doesn’t move the needle like some of the organisation’s star pitchers over the last 12 years, he’s a valuable asset to this team.

Sure, the acquisition of Carlos Rodon makes headlines, and rightfully so, but he was paid at market price. Wood on the other hand came relatively cheap, and when healthy, he can be one of the best No. 3 or No. 4 rotation pieces in the league.

He’s off to a good start in 2022, and if he can stay healthy for the entire year, you may see incredible production for Wood, an absolute steal after originally signing him for 1 year at $3m.