Ranking the SF Giants 5 best value-for-money acquisitions under Farhan Zaidi

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Ranking the SF Giants 5 best value-for-money acquisitions under Farhan Zaidi

2. Mike Yastrzemski is the perfect example of an SF Giants steal under Farhan Zaidi

Despite the historic, iconic last name, Mike Yastrzemski was wasting away in the minor leagues until he was traded to San Francisco where he would become a key piece to a playoff squad.

At the time, most saw Yaz as a disappointment, due to the lofty expectations that come with such a reputable surname, but in his three years with San Francisco, he’s absolutely shined for this squad.

While he will never be a star in the MLB due to his age, Yaz has been a significant contributor to this Giants organization, and when you consider what he was traded for, a .255 avg, 57 home runs and 164 RBI over three years is more than quality.

3. Darin Ruf has provided the SF Giants with plenty of bang for their buck

While Darin Ruf will never become a big time star or a 30-home run hitter, he plays a very important role for the Giants, and with the Universal DH being implemented in 2022, it’s an even more key role for this team.

In 2021, Ruf was another unsung hero that helped the Giants to a franchise record 107 wins, especially while he was raking against lefties, and while full time DH may not be suited for him, he’s a key piece for this team.

With other bats like Longoria, Wade and La Stella coming back soon, Ruf’s role might be somewhat diminished, but that will never take away from what a steal he’s been for this team with his great production.