Longest-tenured SF Giants player eloquently defends city of San Francisco

The longest tenured player on the SF Giants eloquently spoke about why he loves the city of San Francisco.

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The debate over the city of San Francisco will not end any time soon, but another SF Giants player has vocally defended the city from criticism. This time, it was the longest-tenured Giant Austin Slater who spoke about why he loves the city.

Longest-tenured SF Giants player eloquently defends city of San Francisco

In an appearance on KNBR, Slater was asked about the perceived negative reputation that San Francisco has gained, especially among free agents who may be dissuaded from playing in the city for those reasons.

Slater eloquently spoke about how the problems in San Francisco are real, but they are simply more visible, not necessarily worse, than they are in other major cities throughout the country. This is amplified by the fact that the hotels where opposing teams stay is near some of the more dangerous parts of the city.

As someone who lives in the city of Chicago, the differences between the North side of the city and the South and West side are immense. Players who are staying near Wrigley Field, where it is typically safer and more affluent, will have a much different perception of the city than if they stayed in other areas.

Slater also spoke about all of the great things he loves about San Francisco from the weather to the beauty to the numerous things to do on a nightly basis. It is clear that Slater, who also played his college ball at Stanford University, has fully embraced the Bay Area as his home.

Slater can be added to the growing list of both current and former SF Giants who have defended San Francisco from criticism as the talking point rears its ugly head every single offseason.

Since Slater is now the longest-tenured Giant on the roster, it is great to see him take on this leadership role as both one of the veterans on the team and someone who is willing to stand up for the city he plays in.

With the offseason coming to an end, perhaps the slander against San Francisco will cool down. Finally, we can enjoy the beauty of San Francisco with Giants baseball at Oracle Park, the most beautiful park in the entire league.