SF Giants stars come to the defense of San Francisco amid criticism

Former and current SF Giants players have recently defended the city of San Francisco from criticism.
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
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A narrative has taken hold the last few offseasons that the SF Giants are unable to attract free agents because of the city of San Francisco. The cliche goes that because San Francisco has problems like drug use, crime, and homelessness, free agents are too afraid to play for the Giants.

A pair of SF Giants players, including Hunter Pence and Logan Webb, have come to the city's defense.

SF Giants stars come to the defense of San Francisco amid criticism

Part of this discourse began when SF Giants legend Buster Posey made comments that some perceived to be critical of the city of San Francisco. It was not necessarily a criticism by Posey. He was sharing his feelings of how opposing players view the city currently, and perhaps, San Francisco has become a bit of a target by mainstream media.

Although this critical narrative does not hold up under any sort of realistic thought, that has not stopped many national reporters and players from other teams offering their perspective on a city many of them have never lived in. 

Because of this development, former and current SF Giants players have taken to social media to defend the city of San Francisco. 

Former Giants fan favorite Hunter Pence posted a picture on Instagram of him enjoying the beauty of the City by the Bay.

This makes a lot of sense because Pence has stayed in the Bay Area even after he was done playing for the Giants, showing that he truly did fall in love with the city after he was traded to the Giants in 2012. 

Another Giant who has been vocal in defending San Francisco is Bay Area native Logan Webb.

When this discourse around San Francisco was at its peak online, Webb posted a GIF of the Golden Gate Bridge on X, formerly Twitter.

Webb also sent out this pointed tweet, seemingly a response to the comments of Rowdy Tellez about San Francisco.

It is great to see current and former SF Giants players pushing back on this narrative that San Francisco is some lawless city. It is doubtful that it will lead to more free agents signing with San Francisco, but it shows that there are players willing to defend the city they play in from criticism that is often uninformed and unfair. 

Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see Webb become not only a vocal leader for the organization, but the community as well. He has emerged as a start in recent years and the Giants hope that he can help them landing prospective targets.

Now, here is a completely random picture of a beautiful city. 

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge / Anadolu/GettyImages