How to watch the SF Giants game at Rickwood Field tonight

The SF Giants play at Rickwood Field tonight. Here is how to watch the game.
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The SF Giants take on the St. Louis Cardinals tonight at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama. This will be a nationally televised game and this article will give some background on the significance of the game and how you can watch it.

How to watch the SF Giants game at Rickwood Field tonight

This game will not be broadcast on NBC Sports Bay Area like most Giants games. Instead, the game will be broadcast nationally on FOX. However, if you have trouble stomaching listening to national broadcasters talk about the Giants as I do, then you can listen to the game on KNBR. First pitch is at 6:15 PM CST and 4:15 PM PST.

MLB announced this game as a way to honor the Negro Leagues. Rickwood Field is where the Birmingham Black Barons played which is the Negro League team that Willie Mays played for.

Even before Mays' unfortunate passing earlier this week, this game was designed as a way to honor the greatness of Willie Mays. Now, the game will be even more of a tribute to the late Giant who was the greatest to ever play the game of baseball.

If you want any more background information on Rickwood Field, Willie Mays, and the significance of this game, I would highly recommend this video narrated by the great Dusty Baker posted on the SF Giants YouTube feed which explains the history of this field within the context of the Negro Leagues.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Giants will be without LaMonte Wade Jr. who is one of three African American players currently on the big league roster for the Giants. The team put in a petition to MLB asking if Wade could be taken off the IL just to play in this game, but that petition was denied for some reason.

One would think that in a game honoring the Negro Leagues, MLB would want African-American players to have the chance to partake in such a historic and once-in-lifetime chance.

This likely means that no African American players on the Giants will be able to play in this game. Jordan Hicks already started on Monday's game and Spencer Bivens pitched two innings in yesterday's contest. This is unfortunate, but the Giants surely do not want to risk injury to any of their players by having them play on short rest or in Wade's case rush him back from an injury.

Nonetheless, this game is still really special and will be a great tribute to the life and legacy of Willie Mays. The Say Hey Kid may have passed away, but on Thursday we shall see that his legacy will live on forever.