Farhan Zaidi has completely rid the SF Giants roster of former Dodgers

In recent years under Farhan Zaidi, the SF Giants have made a habit of signing former Dodgers that Zaidi oversaw when he was in the front office for Los Angeles. That will not be the case in 2024 as the team has rid their roster of former Dodgers.

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Under Farhan Zaidi, the SF Giants have made a habit of signing players who previously played for the Los Angeles Dodgers. This annoyed some Giants fans who did not like seeing former enemies playing in orange and black. That will likely not be a problem to start this season as the Giants have rid their entire roster of former Dodgers.

Farhan Zaidi has completely rid the SF Giants roster of former Dodgers

Some of the more notable former Dodgers the team has had over the last few years are Joc Pederson, Alex Wood, Ross Stripling, Jake McGee, and Scott Alexander. Going into 2024, none of these players will be on the roster with Alexander being the latest to sign elsewhere.

Along with the veteran lefty, Pederson and Wood departed via free agency. Stripling was traded to the A's recently. The Giants had all three former Dodgers on the roster last season, but they are all gone now.

It seems unlikely that Zaidi set out to remove all former Dodgers from the team this offseason. None of those players really made sense on the team going forward or they made middling-to-bad seasons last year so they did not warrant being brought back.

If Stripling had performed for the Giants last season the way he performed for the Blue Jays in 2022, then he would almost certainly be in the team's rotation to start this season.

There are still several former Dodgers on the free agent that the Giants could potentially make a run at, but it seems unlikely. J.D. Martinez hit well as a Dodger last year and is a free agent, but the Giants reportedly signing Jorge Soler means they already have a power-hitting DH.

Cody Bellinger has been linked to the Giants throughout the offseason, but most experts seem to believe he is likely to go back to the Chicago Cubs. Plus, the Giants already added Jung Hoo Lee as their center fielder earlier in the offseason.

Enrique Hernández could fill a utility role for the Giants, but with the team acquiring utility man Otto Lopez it seems they may lean on him more in that role.

It may be a minor note to most fans, but some fans will be very excited about the fact that they can cheer for the Giants at the start of this season without thinking, "That guy used to play for our rivals!" Perhaps this is a symbolic sign that Zaidi is moving away from his previous philosophy of roster building in some respects.