Could the SF Giants target a veteran power bat?

Nelson Cruz
Nelson Cruz / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The SF Giants went on a red-hot streak for several weeks, but in their last eight games, they've managed just two victories, and after being shut out by the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday, it's clear that the offensive needs a major shot in the arm.

Could the SF Giants target a veteran power bat?

While there's no long-term solution the Giants can find on the free agent market right now, there's certainly some names that could help, and perhaps they can find that boost from a recently DFA'd division rival?

That name would be Nelson Cruz, who has been one of the best power hitters of this entire generation, and while he's well past his prime, he can still be a contributor to a major league team in 2023.

In 49 games for the Padres this year, Cruz hit .245 with 5 home runs and 23 RBI, and while he certainly won't be the answer for the rest of the season, with the injuries to Mitch Haniger and Thairo Estrada as two big right-handed bats in the lineup, he could be a great short-term addition. The Giants have a void to fill and Cruz could fill it in some sense.

It may be hard to make this work given that Joc Pederson's defensive play in the outfield leaves plenty to be desired, but if they believe the positives outweigh the negatives for a potential spark of power, it's certainly one option.

The 42-year-old slugger has not played more than 100 innings in the field since 2016. So, bringing him on would be in a DH-only role.

Ultimately, this isn't a move that the Giants should make if they don't believe they are contenders, but with the constant injuries and the All-Star break coming up, they could use that time to look into the veteran slugger, and if they can land him for a relatively cheap price, there's no reason why San Francisco couldn't make this move.

Plus, Cruz is well-respected throughout baseball. That may not be enough to add him to the roster, but the Padres signed him in the offseason while knowing that his best days were behind him. It is a square peg, round hole fit, but one that would be fun to watch even if it was for a brief period of time.