Could an NL East team be a prime landing spot for SF Giants Joey Bart?

SF Giants, Joey Bart
SF Giants, Joey Bart / Suzanna Mitchell/San Francisco Giants/GettyImages

The SF Giants have seen a surprisingly great push from their young players thus far in 2023, with Casey Schmitt and Patrick Bailey contributing to this turnaround significantly, but unfortunately, it may come at the cost of another young name.

Could an NL East team be a prime landing spot for SF Giants Joey Bart?

Joey Bart was expected to be the future of the organization following the 2021 retirement of franchise legend Buster Posey, but unfortunately, inconsistencies at the plate and struggles to stay healthy have seen both Blake Sabol and Bailey get more significant chances behind the plate in 2023.

Now, the Giants have a massive decision to make on Bart, who hasn't impressed much at the plate since his big league debut back in the Covid-19 shortened 2020 campaign, and now, his future with the Giants could be in complete jeopardy.

The talent is definitely still there with Bart, and he has yet to turn 27, meaning his future is still very bright, and now, a report has emerged that the Miami Marlins, a surprise playoff contender in 2023 are in the market for a new catcher.

While many believe this is a team that should be adding at the deadline, with such a fantastic young core and more to come, this is a team that can be patient in building, so getting back a young prospect for Bart, who has shown flashes of being a great catcher could be the best possible outcome at the trade deadline.

While the likes of Eury Perez and Max Meyer are certainly off limits for the Marlins, they have a deep prospect pool with several young arms that could suit the Giants' timeline, and if the team can come away with a deeper prospect group at the deadline, it will no doubt be seen as a success.

For Miami, this move makes complete sense too, as Bart gives them a great game caller behind the plate with plenty of potential for power at the plate, and given that he fills a need and is still young enough to grow with this group, it's certainly appearing to be a match made in heaven. That said, Bart's market value might be depressed due to his struggles in the majors.

Ultimately, whether a deal here or elsewhere gets done will depend entirely on how the Giants see Bailey, but given his exceptional start and the work done by Sabol, the team should be looking to sell on Bart, and Miami give them the best chance to land a top tier prospect in return.