Are the SF Giants being overlooked in this week's power rankings

SF Giants, Carlos Rodon
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Camilo Doval, SF Giants
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Are the SF Giants being overlooked in this week's power rankings?

The Bullpen

If anything has seemed like a weakness through nine games in 2022, it’s the Giants bullpen, but as we know from 2021, a slow start is nothing to worry about, as the team overcame that last year to become one of the best pens in the game.

Camilo Doval had a less than stellar start to the year, but has bounced back nicely with a few saves, and with Tyler Rogers now back in the fold, this group should start finding their groove very quickly.

While the Giants may look to add a bigger name to the ‘pen later on in the season, right now, all the impressive names from last year are back, and if we can see anything close to 2021 form, this team could be getting even better.

The bullpen may be getting overlooked even more, as the rotation has been that stellar to begin the season, but as we roll through 2022, expect Rogers, McGee, Doval and company to get better and better, and don’t be shocked if this is the best group in the majors by the time October rolls around.