7 potential trade targets for the SF Giants

SF Giants, Donovan Walton
SF Giants, Donovan Walton / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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After a record breaking 2021 season, that saw the SF Giants hit 107 wins and claim the NL West title, they came into the new year with unbelievable expectations, and it seems to be weighing on the current squad.

7 potential trade targets for the SF Giants

The loss of Buster Posey certainly hurts, but it's struggles from the bullpen and major health issues that have led to the Giants falling to third in the NL West, with a record of 29-24.

This isn't the biggest problem in the world, as the bullpen will come back to life and the Giants will get healthy yet again, but if the Giants wish to be more than just placeholders in the NL Wild Card race, they need to add some talent.

Some fans may have their dream wish-list, but given the Giants approach to roster building, we won't see a star like Juan Soto in a Giants uniform anytime soon.

That's why today we are going to take a look at five potentially realistic, yet still fantastic trade targets for the SF Giants to reignite their 2022 season and tough race in the NL West.

1. The SF Giants should target Andrew Benintendi

Given how crowded the Giants outfield is when you look at Yastrzemski, Wade, Pederson, Slater and Gonzalez, looking to add yet another one may be odd on the surface, but Andrew Benintendi has the potential to be the best of that lot.

The former top Red Sox prospect has failed in part to live up to the lofty expectations while he was in Bean Town, but a new opportunity in San Francisco could revitalize his still young career.

Given that he is a free agent at season's end, the Giants wouldn't want to give up much to Kansas City to acquire him, and if they can keep him long-term, he could be a great addition alongside the rest of this young outfield.