5 takeaways from the SF Giants series against the St. Louis Cardinals

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5 takeaways from the SF Giants series against the St. Louis Cardinals

4. At times, the SF Giants offense looks as good, if not better than their pitching

The Giants offense has been erratic to start the 2022 campaign, much of it due to the aforementioned injury situation with this lineup, but when they are hot, as witnessed a few times in this Cardinals series, they can score runs with the best teams in all of baseball.

Wilmer Flores, Mike Yastrzemski and Darin Ruf all hit huge bombs during this weekend series, and with a few regulars returning to the lineup, the Giants can hit one through nine in this lineup, and if they can get both units rolling at once, the best of the best in the National League should be wary of this squad.

The strikeouts from Joey Bart and lack of power is still concerning, but these things should settle in as the season rolls on, but right now, the Giants are capable of looking untouchable, and while they haven't got to that point consistently yet, they still have the potential to go on a major run at anytime.

5. The SF Giants organization runs deep

Due to the injuries and struggles we've talked about so far, the Giants have had to dip their hand in the minor league system more than they would have liked, but it's given us all a glimpse into how promising the Giants future could potentially be.

Luis Gonzalez has been a revelation for this team, and with many young pitchers, such as Sean Hjelle who stepped up and made his major league debut over the weekend have stepped into their roles, even if for a brief moment, showing how deep this organization goes.

There's still plenty of young talent like Heliot Ramos, Luis Matos, Hunter Bishop and many, many more waiting in the wings, and when the Giants do move on from some of their veterans, this season will teach us that Giants fans shouldn't worry, as more and more talent is on the way.