5 takeaways from the SF Giants series against the St. Louis Cardinals

SF Giants, LaMonte Wade Jr.
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5 takeaways from the SF Giants series against the St. Louis Cardinals

2. Contributions from Yaz and Darin Ruf are sorely needed, and need to continue

In 2021, the Giants became a team known for getting contributions out of anywhere, and while that's continued with the likes of Luis Gonzalez in 2022, they need more from their big names, and this series might have gone a long way to getting some of their big bats rolling.

Darin Ruf's struggles were hurting the team particularly hard, given the absences of Brandon Belt and Evan Longoria, but with several clutch AB's over the last few days, including a 2-run single and a 2-run homer at different points, he may be getting back on track.

Mike Yastrzemski was also struggling to find his footing before his covid absence, leaving many to believe his prime in 2019/20 was behind him, but with a few key AB's over the last few days since his return, he has shown that his bat will be important for this Giants team going foward.

3. The SF Giants are still a long way from being healthy

The Giants have been struggling along, playing a plethora of different lineups this year, and even with the long awaited return of Wade Jr. and Yaz, this team still has a long way to go to be at full strength, which they will need to contend all year long.

Evan Longoria, Tommy LaStella, Carlos Martinez, Brandon Belt and others are yet to get back into the lineup (or stay in the lineup) or rotation, and with some replacement players struggling, they need to sort this out as soon as they possibly can.

Longoria and LaStella both figure to be on the horizon, and while replicating the record breaking 107 wins from 2021 was always a long shot for this squad, the playoffs will be even more of a struggle if this team can't start putting together a consistent lineup and a consistent rotation.