5 SF Giants prospects that should be untouchable at the 2023 MLB Trade deadline

SF Giants, Kyle Harrison
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5 SF Giants prospects that should be untouchable at the 2023 MLB Trade deadline

2. The SF Giants should not move Marco Luciano

For the past few years, Marco Luciano has been considered the Giants' top prospect, and while that spot has been taken for now, he's still considered an elite-level player and a long-term piece in the Giants infield, and no matter the player, the Giants shouldn't move him at the trade deadline.

Somehow, Luciano is still just 21-years of age, and after a solid 2022 campaign where he slugged 11 home runs and hit .269 in 227 plate appearances, and while his average is down to .158 in 2023, he has flashed plenty of talent in the field and hit 5 home runs in just 95 plate appearances at the Double-A level.

Still, Luciano has racked up 245 games and 896 plate appearances at the minor league level by the age of just 21, so the Giants should no doubt hang on to their No. 2 overall prospect until he's ready to make an impact at the major league level.

1. The SF Giants should under no circumstance move top prospect Kyle Harrison

A year ago, young left hander Kyle Harrison looked like a promising arm that could join the rotation at some point in 2023, but now, after an incredible rise, his eventual MLB debut will bring with it plenty of hype and expectation for a rotation that needs a spark in a big way.

In 2023, Harrison has a 3.55 ERA in 38 innings of work, with 66 strikeouts to just 22 hits over that time, and with elite level velocity and two fantastic secondary pitches, he's expected to be a major success at the big league level whenver his eventual call-up occurs.

While Farhan Zaidi is seemingly prepared to swing big and be aggressive this trade deadline, if the Giants need to protect any one prospect, it's Harrison, as he could pair Logan Webb and Alex Cobb in the rotation immediately in 2023, making him key for the short and long-term future of the Giants organization.