5 SF Giants prospects that should be untouchable at the 2023 MLB Trade deadline

SF Giants, Kyle Harrison
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5 SF Giants prospects that should be untouchable at the 2023 MLB Trade deadline

4. The SF Giants should not move Luis Matos

The SF Giants have been waiting on a few prospects for the past couple of seasons, with one of those names being Luis Matos, and after a solid 2022 campaign, he's been scorching hot to start 2023, quickly becoming one of the hottest prospects in the entire Giants organization.

Over 48 games between Double and Triple-A in 2023, Matos has picked up 66 hits in 216 plate appearances this season, Matos has been fantastic, and with the Giants going through an injury crisis at the major league level, he could find himself as a Giant, sooner, rather than later.

With 311 games of experience at the age of 21, Matos has been through the ringer down in the minor leagues, and while very few prospects are 'sure things' at the major league level, Matos has to be considered very close to it at this point in time, meaning San Francisco shouldn't let him go.

3. The SF Giants should not move Grant McCray

While the SF Giants have several names ready to make an impact over the next 12 months, they've also got some names slowly rising through the organization, and one player that could become a major impact player for the Giants in the next few years it's outfielder Grant McCray.

In 2022, McCray was downright dominant dominant, competing in 120 games at A and A+ level, combining for 23 home runs, 79 RBI's and 43 stolen bases, and with fantastic defense in the outfield, he's one of the most well-rounded prospects in the organization.

He's begun the 2023 season at the A+ level with a .236 average through his first 226 plate appearances, racking up 8 home runs, 26 RBI's and 21 stolen bases, and if the Giants can exercise patience with McCray, he could be a key piece to this lineup for a long, long time to come.