5 key SF Giants takeaways after a strong month of April

SF Giants, Camilo Doval
SF Giants, Camilo Doval / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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The SF Giants had a very eventful start to the 2022 campaign, as they currently sit atop the NL West, despite plenty of injuries and Covid absences, but it’s been nothing but entertaining so far.

5 key SF Giants takeaways after a strong month of April

With a mix of veterans and plenty of new faces, the Giants have played fantastic for the majority of the season so far, and while it may be hard to sustain this play for an entire season, getting healthy may make that entirely possible.

The Dodgers and Padres, like in April will be hot on the Giants tail for the rest of the way, but as we are one month down for the 2022 season, it’s time to take a look back on April with five takeaways for this San Francisco team.

1. This SF Giants bullpen is legit, despite concerns with Jake McGee

The Giants bullpen was nothing short of astonishing in 2021, and through one month in 2022, they seem to be getting better, with Tyler Rogers and Camilo Doval cementing themselves among the elite relievers in the game.

Jake McGee has been another story as of late though, as he has blown several important spots, and while it’s unlikely the Giants move on from him, they may need to look at a new role for the lefty.

His hot start in 2021 slowed down towards the playoffs, eventually seeing him replaced as closer by Doval, and while he may bounce back, it’s something for Giants fans to keep an eye on.

Outside of this, and the injuries, this unit looks even better than 2021, and through one month of the season, there’s no reason to expect that the Giants bullpen can’t be the best bullpen in baseball the rest of the way.