4 SF Giants prospects that could make an impact in 2022

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4 SF Giants prospects that could make an impact in 2022

3. R.J Dabovich could make his SF Giants debut out of the bullpen

In 32 innings in 2021, R.J. Dabovich posted an ERA of 2.78, and while he hasn’t been quite as sharp to start 2022, it’s clear that he’s on the radar of the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants ‘pen has been the best in baseball to start the season, and with such great depth, there’s a chance, if healthy that no new players make this squad, but with an injury or two, it’s easy to see Dabovich making that next step.

With overpowering stuff, despite a lack of control at times, it’s easy to see what the Giants see in this 23 year old, and while Giants fans have to be happy with the way the bullpen is pitching so far, it would be so much fun to see R.J. Dabovich at some point in 2022.

4 SF Giants prospects that may make the show in 2022

4. Matt Mikulski could be a shock name to make their SF Giants debut in 2022

This is a name for many that may come out of left field, but after seeing the rapid rise of Camilo Doval in 2021, we might see that exact same scenario play out in 2022.

At 22 years of age, Mikulski may be a year or two away from the bigs, but with a funky, hard to see pitching motion along with some fantastic stuff, we may see the former Fordham star rise through the ranks, and quickly.

In 12 innings so far in 2022 at A level, Mikulski has a 1.50 ERA, and while that may rise when he gets through more innings, it’s clear he will be a major player in the bigs one day, so don’t be shocked if we see him for a start or two in 2022.