4 SF Giants prospects that could make an impact in 2022

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4 SF Giants prospects that could make an impact in 2022

2. Ricardo Genoves is one catcher injury away from making his SF Giants debut

Joey Bart and Patrick Bailey have dominated the Giants catching stories for years in the minor leagues, and while that is definitely deserved, Ricardo Genoves is just as good, and could find his way onto the Giants roster in 2022.

While not an elite level defensive catcher, Genoves possesses some great pop at the plate, and if the Giants don’t want to persist with Curt Casali as the backup for years to come, getting Ricardo some action in 2022 wouldn’t hurt at all.

The Giants don’t really have any other major league level catching available right now, so if either Bart or Casali go down, Genoves is the next man up. So one way or another, expect to see him get some AB’s in the big leagues this year.