3 reliable innings eaters the SF Giants should target to save their bullpen

These 3 starting pitchers would save a lot of stress for the SF Giants bullpen.
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The SF Giants have an overtaxed bullpen. One way they could address that is by acquiring a starting pitcher that consistently goes deep into games. Here are 3 reliable innings eaters who would help with this problem.

3 reliable innings eaters the SF Giants should target to save their bullpen

It is no secret that the Giants have used their bullpen a lot this year. Both Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle and Grant Brisbee of The Athletic (subscription required for both) have documented the intense workload for the bullpen of the Giants.

The bullpen is not going to get a break any time soon because with Keaton Winn going on the IL, the Giants are left with only Logan Webb and Jordan Hicks in their rotation. Webb is a proven innings eater in his career and he currently ranks 5th in MLB for innings pitched. Hicks on the other hand is in his first year as a starter and while he has been brilliant for the most part, it is asking an awful lot for him to go deep into games over and over.

The Giants are hoping they can get some reinforcements soon in the form of Blake Snell and Kyle Harrison, but Snell has never been an innings eater in his career. Plus, Alex Cobb and Robbie Ray will not be back until after the All-Star break and who knows how effective they will be or how consistently they will be able to go deep into games.

That is why the Giants should make a concerted effort to acquire at least one, maybe even two starting pitchers who have proven they can consistently go deep into games and provide quality innings. As the season wears on, it will be essential to provide more rest for their bullpen so acquiring one or two of these starters would be huge for the team.