3 New Year’s resolutions for the SF Giants in 2024

The SF Giants are hoping 2024 is better than 2023. Here are 3 New Year’s resolutions for the team.
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3 New Year’s resolutions for the SF Giants in 2024

2. Add to the rotation

Another area the SF Giants should try to improve on in 2024 is to strengthen their rotation. They have been aiming for a frontline starter all offseason and we are still waiting on that move.

As of right now, Logan Webb is the only person you can say for certain will be in the team’s starting rotation. Alex Cobb would also be a definite member of the rotation if not for his hip injury which will keep him out at the beginning of the season.

Currently, they have several starters who have proven they can be solid starters in the past like Ross Stripling and Anthony DeSclafani. But both struggled mightily last year which makes one question whether they can be trusted going forward.

They also have some promising young arms that showed potential as future starters in 2023. This included Kyle Harrison, Keaton Winn, and Tristan Beck. All could play a prominent role in the rotation next season.

The Giants are probably counting on some combination of these five pitchers to make up their 3-5 spots in the rotation. For the number 2 spot, they have several options.

They could go after free-agent pitchers like Blake Snell or Shōta Imanaga. Both come with question marks but they would immediately help bolster the rotation for the team.

Other free agents would not be as flashy but are still solid starters with a proven track record like Marcus Stroman and Jordan Montgomery.

Then there are potential trade targets out there like Corbin Burnes or Dylan Cease. Both would likely take giving up some big trade chips but they’d provide a big boost to the rotation.

Most seem to agree that the Giants need to become a pitching and defense first team if they want to compete going forward. If I remember right, this approach worked pretty well on three separate occasions about a decade ago.

But in order to do that, the Giants really need to have an elite rotation. There are options out there, and the Giants need to be proactive to ensure they have a solid rotation in 2024.