3 free agents that the SF Giants should absolutely target

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Aaron Judge, SF Giants
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3 free agents that the SF Giants should absolutely target

3. Aaron Judge 

What a real shocker this is, right? But in all honesty, Aaron Judge would be a great addition to the lineup. 

The 2022 MVP candidate will cost a fortune because of the massive season he’s had with the Yankees. After all, he hit a whopping 62 homers and had 131 RBIs all while hitting .311/.425/.686, and swiping 16 bases. It would be safe to assume that there would be a bunch of regression going from the hitter-friendly Yankee Stadium to pitcher-friendly Oracle Park. That being said, having a player hit 30-plus bombs would go a long way toward helping the Giants' lineup next year. 

However, there is one major red flag that may cause the Giants to be a bit tentative when signing Judge and that’s his injury history. Of course, one thing they can do is use Judge as a DH from time to time. 

Now into the positives. Judge could bring the ability to play Gold Glove defense in the outfield. This season with the Yankees, Judge was able to play CF and RF at a top level to go along with his otherworldy numbers at the plate. 

Prepare for a massive bidding war between all the major markets to add Judge to their teams. He’s not going to be cheap.