SF Giants 2020 MLB draft grades: What you need to know about each pick

By Marc Delucchi
SF Giants hat in the dugout. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
SF Giants hat in the dugout. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /
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San Francisco Giants 2020 MLB Draft Final Grade: B-

The Giants took a unique approach to this draft. Normally, with two compensation picks and a large draft pool, we expect a team to target some high-risk high schoolers. Instead, the G-Men added just a single prep player and one who isn’t considered to have premium upside. Although, it’s worth pointing out that in one conversation with an industry source they described Harrison as “a potential first-round guy.”

If you go by most big board rankings, the Giants draft looks like a series of reaches, although it’s worth noting that I’d expect Keith Law to be quite high on it given his rankings of Swiney and Harrison.

This is just the second draft under the Zaidi/Holmes regime, but a couple of trends do seem to be emerging. While the team insisted the season getting cut short did not have any impact on their selections, they seemed to lean towards lower-risk collegiate prospects, including a pair of guys (Bailey and Swiney) from Holmes’ wheelhouse.

My prospect preferences lean in a different direction than the team, but I have to admit your opinion probably depends on your opinion of Harrison. If you’re convinced he’s on par with guys like Tanner Witt or Carson Montgomery, it’s easy to see what the Giants are doing.

Also, the value really doesn’t matter now. Assuming all these players sign with the Giants, they are all legitimate prospects that can contribute at the big-league level.

Regardless of your opinion of the Bailey selection, he immediately ranks among the Giants top ten prospects. Swiney and Harrison probably rank among the teams top twenty prospects and Schmitt, one of my draft crushes for some time, ranks on the border of the system’s top thirty prospects.

Murphy and Glowenke have the tools to be solid major leaguers and Dabovich, while full of risk, has a lot of tools to dream on.

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