San Francisco Giants: Bobby Evans does have a Plan

Bobby Evans (left) poses with Nori Aoki (center) and Larry Baer. Evans was the Giants GM prior to Farhan Zaidi.
Bobby Evans (left) poses with Nori Aoki (center) and Larry Baer. Evans was the Giants GM prior to Farhan Zaidi. /

The San Francisco Giants have been silent so far this off-season.

Many San Francisco Giants fans are upset by this, and really after last year’s performance you can’t blame them. However, I have an inkling of a feeling of a rumination that this is the calm before the storm.

I wrote a piece last season that basically lampooned GM Bobby Evans and his moves that haven’t really worked out during his tenure as the GM. Who knows, maybe our old friend Bobby read that piece and is a little gun shy now. Perhaps he’s afraid to meet the wrath of Nick San Miguel if another trade doesn’t pan out. Not likely.

In a scenario that is much more tethered to reality, Bobby Evans has an ace up his sleeve. Good ole Bobby Evans is just laying in the cut waiting to strike like the python that he truly is. Not with some move out of left field (although that would be a nice place to start), but with a move that makes very nice sense on paper.

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If you read the piece I alluded to above, I bring up how Evans’ trades and signings have all made sense on paper. However, the trades in particular haven’t worked out as well as intended.

Maybe Bobby is cooking up something outside the box. Something intricate like a four team deal that involves sending Joe Panik to Japan and cash payments to the corrupt Maduro regime in Venezuela.

Or, in a scenario that takes place in our current dimension (although that one wouldn’t seem all that out of place), Bobby makes prudent moves that are lauded by analysts. This would be true to Evans’ modus operandi. It certainly wouldn’t be the most exciting thing to trade for Billy Hamilton or sign Todd Frazier, but it’s more likely than Evans trying something quirky or outlandish.

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So don’t expect any back door deals with Raul Castro to secure some exciting Cuban prospect or something. Expect moves that make sense on paper (i.e. moves that address pressing needs such as power or outfield defense) but do it by acquiring players that make you think, ‘Well what about this.

The best advice I can really give is to listen to the Rolling Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ a lot so you’re expectations don’t get too high. Bobby Evans is a predictable man, so expect a pretty predictable off-season.