San Francisco Giants squander opportunity to actually get something out of 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - AUGUST 26: Manager Bruce Bochy
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - AUGUST 26: Manager Bruce Bochy /

The San Francisco Giants are in last place and have the worst record in all of baseball now. They had a decent chance to actually take stock of what they had as the final month of baseball is entirely meaningless. But they blew that chance.

As if the San Francisco  Giants organization couldn’t have looked more incompetent this year, they decided to one up themselves. After securing their spot as the worst team in baseball as of last night, they’re still going to stick with the guys who are failing, spurning the chance to take stock of some of their most promising prospects.

The only players we’ll get to see as the rosters expand in 2017 are Reyes Moronta, and Roberto Gomez, Tim Fedeorowicz, and Orlando Calixte. We’ve seen all but the first two. Both are a couple of minor league flamethrowers with a decent amount of promise. I’m glad they’re here. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s a travesty that others aren’t here.

The Giants could’ve had the chance to evaluate guys who are clearly busting through the minor league levels and are knocking on the door of the big leagues. Chris Shaw hit 24 homers this year, leading the organization (both major and minor league). He advanced across two levels, and looked really good doing it. Will we get a chance to see him? Of course not.

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Steven Duggar is the Giants most MLB ready center-field prospect. Defensively he’s there, it’s just a question if the bat will ever come around. It started too this year as he finished with an .810 OPS in the minors this year. Granted it’s a shorter amount of time due to injury, but he looked good in his time this year. But will we get a chance to see if he’s ready? Nope.

How about Slade Heathcott? He hit 14 homers, and compiled 181 bases across two levels and looked really good in AAA. Nope won’t see him.

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absolutely insane that the Giants won’t take a look at some of their best guys during this final month. For what? Why? It makes no sense. They’ll sure as heck continue running out a guy who can’t play centerfield, and  a third baseman who is one more out away from setting a franchise record for the worst stretch at the plate in franchise history. But God forbid they actually take a look at the best talent they have left in the organization.

The Giants have been miserable in 2017. Not only miserable to watch, but miserable to cover, miserable to understand. Moves like this just make it even more frustrating to deal with.

They’ve gone from a world series contender to a laughing stock in four months. It would’ve been smart to at least take a look at what they had. It would’ve been smart to give prospects a taste and see how close they are, while seeing how close they actually are for themselves. But no.

The incompetence just continues to run rife through the front office this year. I mean, come on, they’re still running out Mark Melancon for some reason when he needs to have surgery. Not the ideal execution of the injury issue surrounding their $60 million arm. It would be one thing if they were in a playoff hunt. But they aren’t. That goes for all of these moves. If they were in a playoff hunt, it wouldn’t be worth it to take stock of their close-to-big-league ready prospects. But they’re the worst team in baseball right now.

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Take a good look at what the A’s did with a few guys last year. Ryon Healy was called up when it was clear they weren’t going to be doing much. Now he’s tearing it up because he got some valuable time. Granted, he got nearly 300 AB’s last year. They could’ve been able to do that with someone like Shaw.

It’s been over for a while. Brandon Belt is done for the year, so why not? Again, the Giants have just been incompetent from a front office standpoint. They over estimated what they would be able to do this year, and now they’re not taking the necessary steps to help their future. Many Giants fans are starting to be skeptical about the job Bobby Evans is doing. You can start counting this one as well.