The San Francisco Giants Should Sign Brian Wilson Immediately


Former San Francisco Giants Closer, Brian Wilson, is apparently attempting to make a comeback to Major League Baseball … as a knuckleballer.

Wilson threw a 30 minute bullpen session at USC Wednesday morning where the former All-Star and World Series Champion focused on a pitch that could resurrect his career.

Brian Wilson, Brian Wilson? Whaaaaaat?!


That is Brian Wilson.

All I can say, is that if Brian Wilson is actually making a comeback to Major League Baseball, the San Francisco Giants must sign him immediately.

It is a #MustHaveSituation.

Forget that Wilson left the Giants on bad terms, signing with that disgusting, wretched franchise in Los Angeles…

…What are they called again? I forgot…

Wilson has not pitched since the end of the 2014 season (hey, who won that year?) when he was with the Los Angeles Dodgers (…..blehhh). Wilson ended up being a big disappointment for the baseball team from Los Angeles, and they released him despite owing him $9.5 million for the 2015 season.

Those silly Dodg- baseball team from Los Angeles.

While most in the baseball world probably thought they would never again hear from the wildly eccentric pitcher, Wilson had other ideas in mind.

Tim Brown from Yahoo Sports seemed to have the most access to Wilson’s bullpen session, and boy am I happy Brian Wilson has a microphone back in his beautiful face again…

…At least for now.

“I always said that once my career was over I was coming back as a knuckleballer,” Wilson said. “I’m good with it. Man, I get to play a game. It’s going to be pretty fun.” 

“I can already see myself out there,” he said, “throwing up some waffles.”

I have no idea what “throwing up some waffles” means, but I absolutely love it.

Such a power statement — throwing up some waffles.

I need that in orange writing, on a black shirt, ASAP.

Wilson also declared that although his birth certificate might say that he is currently 34 years old, he is more like 26.

“I may be 34, but I’m actually 26 biologically.”

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Again, try and prove the man wrong. Wilson just nonchalantly dishing out power moves all over the place.

Machines, guacamole diets, guitar hero competitions, the man has provided Giants fans endless content and entertainment.

He also was an amazing World Series Champion closer.

If Brian Wilson is serious about making a comeback as a knuckleballer, the San Francisco Giants need to be serious about signing him.

Like now.

Not only would they be missing out on a fan favorite and clubhouse sensei, they might also be missing out on the greatest knuckleballer of all time.

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“That right there,” Wilson said while pulling off his muck-caked shoes, “was an MVP-Cy Young knuckleball. You can write that down, too. No joke.” (Brown, Yahoo Sports)

Cue it!!