San Francisco Giants: Romo Speaks Out on Giants, Signing with the Dodgers


The San Francisco Giants have had a few big time figures leave in recent years, causing some unwarranted backlash from the fanbase. Sergio Romo spoke out today about the recent criticism of his move to L.A.

On KNBR yesterday, it was a typical morning. The Murph and Mac show was in full swing and had regular guest, Duane Kuiper, on to discuss all the latest San Francisco Giants news and topics. Of course, one topic that is quite the hot topic at the moment, is Sergio Romo’s move to bitter rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers, this offseason.

Kuiper had some words to say, as he usually does, about the move:

"“There wasn’t anybody that really took that Giants-Dodgers rivalry to heart more than (Romo) did,” Kuiper said. “I can still see him yelling at Manny Ramirez, and Manny Ramirez hitting a walk off against him, and him yelling at (Yasiel) Puig. Look, I don’t think when he faces the Giants, I don’t think it’s gonna be a friendly deal, I think there’s gonna be some problems; I do. I think he’s gonna do the stank eye look, I think he’s gonna do what he does, and it might actually pick up a little bit if he were to strike out Buster Posey with the bases loaded.”"

After discussing his last few free agency years, and trying to understand/explain what he  Romo’s thought process was, he also went on to say this:

"“…I don’t have any problems with him going to the Dodgers, but I also don’t have any problems not cheering for him too. Would I like to see him have a good year? I would. But I’d also like to see him struggle a little bit against the Giants.”"

Romo was definitely listening, or at least saw the story up soon after the interview, and boy did he take notice. Romo then sent a pretty strong message via text to the show’s host, “Paulie Mac”. This is the transcript of the messages that Paulie Mac read on-air today:

"I heard Kuip’s interview and take on me going to the Dodgers. No lie i am not [Brian] Willson, nor did i leave with a sour taste in my mouth about anything, even though I am no longer needed there. I know what I was a part of and I left my heart out there whenever i got the ball no matter who it was against.”“It wasn’t my choice not to be a giant again as I was straight up told I didn’t have a spot there anymore. So, I chose la for my family and not to piss off, in spite, nor to hurt anyone with the Giants. I have no vendetta and no ill-will towards any of my friends that I was made to leave behind in San Francisco. I will not do anything to show any of them up up as I respect and truly love everyone one of them for the way they accepted me and let me play on their team.“Paulie, if you can convey this message for me to all your listeners that I am beyond appreciative of the experiences and blessings that I was given when I was being a giant I am now left with only trying to be the best Sergio Romo that I can be, but is no longer wanted on the Giants’ roster. It hurts though, that after 12 years of only knowing the orange and black, that I am forced to leave my home that has given me so much. I would like it if everyone would just stop talking trash about me and my life, I will truly be leaving my heart in San Francisco and that’s no lie. Appreciate you and Murph to the max. God bless you brother and that’s what’s up! ? :)”"

That’s what’s up. Romo is no Brian Wilson. He appreciates what he was given, and what he experienced in his time with the Giants. Hopefully none of you have forgotten that. Romo is a Dodger now, and that’s a hard pill to swallow. But truthfully, Romo should be exempt from the criticism.

Cheer him on the first time, and then boo him the rest. That’s what someone should expect from a rivalry. But to bad-mouth him is wrong. He didn’t do that on his way out. Instead he praised the only organization he’s ever known. So why don’t we cut him some slack? After all, it seems like the organization didn’t want him back. Why is the animosity aimed at Romo?

If anything, fans should be disappointed in the organization for running a franchise legend (yes, legend, the numbers back it up) out of town. That is where the outrage should be directed at. From the text, it really looks like Romo wanted to come back. During the offseason, he did an interview with MLB radio, where it sounded like the Giants hadn’t even called him yet.

Can we really be mad at a guy who wanted to come back, but wasn’t afforded the opportunity? The plain and simple answer is no. If you want to be disappointed, be disappointed in the organization for not giving him a spot on the team.

You can listen to Yesterday’s Kuiper interview in its entirety on the player embedded below:

And here is Romo’s texts being read over the air today:

You can also read the KNBR stories on Romo here, and Kuiper here.

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