Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis: Astrological Consultation for San Francisco Giants Reliever George Kontos, Matt Duffy Update


Last Friday night on KNBR 680, after the San Francisco Giants’ 6-4 win against the Colorado Rockies, Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis called in the postgame show to discuss the different preparations for starter and relief pitchers.

Injured Giants reliever George Kontos joined Marty Lurie during the postgame show and answers Mallis’s question. At the end of the call, Marty told Kontos that he should get his reading.

Well, Around the Foghorn heard and got it done!

Here is the full interview with Andrea discussing Kontos’s astrological chart.


  • George Kontos:
  • June 12, 1985, Lincolnwood, Illinois
  • The Gemini man is a jack of all trades, his intelligent mind bounding from project to project, and darting from one hobby to the next in a short space of time.
  • Everything fascinates him and he is ever curious. He loves problem-solving and approaches challenges very well.
  • Since variety is the spice of life for Gemini, Kontos was very adaptable going from starting pitcher to the bullpen.
  • A social air sign, the Gemini man is most comfortable in social situations, holding forth on a variety of topics, ideas, and opinions. He was a natural as a guest on KNBR SF Giants postgame show with Marty Lurie. On a cosmic level, Gemini George has quite the gift of gab.
  • Gemini men love interesting company and are fascinated anything different. Charming and congenial, the Gemini man is popular and effusive with his friends.
  • Many celebrity Twins are authors or songwriters, for example Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney. Other famous Gemini’s include John F. Kennedy and Johnny Depp.
  • And the Giants Roster is well appointed with Gemini’s Jake Peavey and Tim Lincecum.
  • With Kontos, Moon in independent Aries, he needs lots of space and emotional freedom.
  • Venus in Taurus can be earthy and gives stability to his free spirit nature.
  • “The Saturn Return” Remember that saying, “Don’t trust anyone over 30?”
  • That Saturn Return is one of the most maturing transits that divides life into before and after becoming an adult astrologically.
  • Karmic phase occurs at age 29-30 and again at 58.
  • This transit is known in astrology as the “Saturn Return” and occurs approximately every 29 years. The planet Saturn has done a full cycle of your chart and returned to its natal position.
  • The first Saturn return, at approximately 29-30 years-old, is one of the most important times of your life.
  • You are leaving behind childhood and reviewing your life through new, more mature eyes. During this time, your past comes under close scrutiny. You are being asked by the universe to face life with a new maturity.
  • This time marks a separation process, during which anything that no longer supports your life purpose is being broken down and remolded, or discarded.
  • This paves the way for new responsibilities to be shouldered as you move into the next cycle. 


Andrea Mallis is a sports astrologer who has appeared on ESPN and is currently the astrologer at Comcast SportsNet.

She’s written for Major League Baseball magazines,, and is a frequent guest on KNBR, 95.7 The Game, Sirius XM Radio, CBS Sports Radio, WFAN and Fox Sports Radio.

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Her work has been featured in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, Sports Illustrated, New York Post, Wall Street Journal,, and The Ultimate Sports Guide, among others.

Andrea brings over 25 years experience and is a certified Astrologer and graduate of Vicki Noble’s School of Healing Arts.

Her website is and her Twitter handle is @virgoinservice