SF Giants:Relationship With Sacramento Getting Stronger


As most people in Sacramento are aware, it has been a San Francisco Giants town well before the team decided to partner up with the River Cats. The television ratings, as well as the fans that flock down to AT&T Park, all indicated that both teams would thrive with a union. And boy were they right.

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The Sacramento River Cats put on a great show in their inaugural season last year, ushering in a new era of Sacramento baseball. The Oakland A’s always provided the team with good prospects that played hard, but were frequently gone very soon after the season started due to trades or call-ups. That isn’t to say that the SF Giants will not be calling up anybody during the season, but Bobby Evans and his staff do things a little differently than Billy Beane.

Not only do the Giants have the money to keep their core young players, but they also have spent more time and effort on the draft. It isn’t a coincidence that the team has seen success recently with lineups that feature multiple draft picks. Continuity and chemistry will always be a huge factor in players being comfortable. And one thing is for sure, comfort leads to less distractions. And less distractions allows for the focus to be on the field.

As the team now embarks on its second season as the Triple-A affiliate, the River Cats organization has done a great job in creating the synergy needed to make the transition to the big club easier. The two clubs have a communication level that, while still standing on their own two feet, allows the Giants to feel confident that the team and their fans are well taken care of.

And with that, comes a new fans and great experiences.

Tonight, the fans were treated to an exhibition between the two teams and the River Cats showed why they are seen as the class of Triple-A. The staff at the ballpark always goes above and beyond to make sure the fans have a memorable time. And as a frequent visitor to both Candlestick Park and AT&T Park, there was no drop off in the quality of services.

The field was in pristine shape, and the entire staff was friendly and helpful. It had to be a bit overwhelming to have both clubs, as well as fans coming from all over northern California. But the team passed the test with flying colors, and now has its sights set on the upcoming season.

If all goes according to plan, the big club will be playing baseball late into October, and will feature several players who have already won a championship at the Triple-A level.

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There is no doubt that the relationship between the clubs will only grow stronger moving forward. And that is a good thing for both clubs, as well as both cities. And hopefully for Sacramento, this event becomes an annual thing.