San Francisco Giants:They Know How To Put On A Show


Whether it is honoring a championship, former player, or an entire team, the San Francisco Giants are masters of ceremonies. The honorees, as well as the fans that adore them, are presented with a show that meets and exceeds all expectations.

Even if baseball isn’t your favorite sport, there still isn’t anything like the smell of a freshly cut diamond and the sound of the crowd buzzing. The home opener is always the most exciting; (especially after a championship year). You get the opportunity to welcome back old favorites, while formally introducing yourself to new faces. This year does not follow a championship, but the spectacle of the “even year” does create another level of intrigue.

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The team is again primed for a great run at the title. And along the way, the team will again be honoring players throughout the year. The Giants staff who puts these great tributes together should also be commended for always getting things right.

This isn’t any disrespect towards the Golden State Warriors organization. They are winners in every sense of the word, and deserve all the credit in the world. But the championship parade that was held in Oakland after they brought home the title was not up to the level that the Giants have had in their recent title wins.

Yes, the Giants have had more practice. But from the start of the 2010 parade, they had it down pat. (The Warriors parade had a long period of time between the players getting out of the modes of transportation and appearing onstage. It became a bit chaotic.)

Honoring and appreciating those that represent a team is such an important part of leaving a legacy and developing a history. The Giants have honored players with grand celebrations on the field, as well as minor acknowledgements in the stands. They bring back players who they know embodied the spirit of San Francisco and gave the organization all they had.

Without the proper preparation and research, the staff that works on these celebrations would seem to lack credibility. Not every staffer has been a Giants fan as long as some of us. So they have to play catch-up on the players’ impact on the team and so forth.

Finding information of legends such as Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, and Barry Bonds is easy to find. Information and stats is one thing, what they really meant to the club is another.

The team feeds that energy by understanding what those players mean to the team and the game of baseball itself.

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So this is just a small tribute to those that pay tribute to the San Francisco Giants. The team with the best fans in baseball, who deserve to see a great show every single night. And luckily we have the right people in charge to get things done right.