San Francisco Giants fans: What do you want to read about?


Lets be honest, it’s the 2015 MLB Playoffs and the San Francisco Giants are sitting on their couches watching the Los Angeles Dodgers play, just as we are. It’s heart-breaking, I know. I guess we just have to look forward to next year–an even year, thank goodness!

Recently, I have posted anything from 2015 Report Cards to Free Agency Previews. Frankly, it is a Monday and I am tired of writing only what I want to write about. I figured I would try something new today. Maybe this is unethical, maybe not, but sometimes it’s fun to do things that are not always socially acceptable.

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Instead of me speculating with my opinions this week, I want to know what you–the readers, the fans–want to read about. Do you want to read about possible free agency signings? Do you want a season round-up of the best San Francisco Giants tweets? Do you want me to list the top-10 worst players in the league? I could care less what it is. All I want to know is what you want.

In the words of character Noah Calhoun in my girlfriend’s favorite movie, The Notebook:

“Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want. What do you want?”

In the end, my job as a San Francisco Giants blogger for FanSided is exciting enough just having the opportunity to break news, inform fans, and spread my opinions on my favorite MLB team. Now, I want to reach out to my readers and Giants fans because my job is to interact and engage with you. My goal is to entertain and inform you.

With that being said, I don’t care how you do it: tweet or message @RoundTheFoghorn or @dannyvietti17 on Twitter, post on our Facebook page, comment on my Instagram @dannyvietti17, comment below this article, heck send me a postcard via pigeon carrier. Again, I don’t care how, all I want to know is what you want. As my pitching coach always says, “Find a way!” and I promise to write about the subject of your choice for you (obviously, the story must be somewhat relevant).

That’s all I have for today. Lets have some fun during this torturous postseason time because at least we have each other, right? Ladies and gentlemen, that stage is yours. Enjoy your week!

*article ideas: free agency, season roundup, speculations, best tweets, top-10 blank (moments of 2015, postseason heroes, etc.)