Multimedia mashup: Pence’s off-field fun, Bumgarner’s strikeout showcase and more viral pics/vids from the Giants


Giants baseball can be torture. We all know this, and it’s never been more true in a season filled with highs (i.e. dominating the Dodgers, Heston’s no-no) and lows (i.e. ice-cold start, struggles at AT&T).

We’re riding a high right now off a pair of big wins over San Diego, so let’s run with those good vibes and enjoy ourselves a multimedia mashup. Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck that means, and I don’t blame you. Yes, I branded it with a teenybopper title, but rest assured that fans of all ages will enjoy this compilation of SFG multimedia from the week gone by.

Courtesy of the Internet, here are some choice nuggets featuring Hunter Pence, Madison Bumgarner, Tim Lincecum, Matt Duffy and Skeeter the cat. No horse laughs, please.

Hunter Pence keeping busy off the field

Did you think a bum wrist was going to slow down the Giants’ energizer bunny?

Rhetorical question, I know. Rehabbing’s not the only thing keeping the All-Star right fielder busy, though.

When he’s not being written about…

…he’s writing things himself.

And when he’s not writing things himself, he’s doing normal, everyday activities with his girlfriend. You know, playing Super Smash Bros and the like.

Wait…Smash Bros?! Hold on to that one, Hunter. Oh yeah, add hanging out with NBA Champions to that list too.

He may be on the DL, but Pence’s social life is 100 percent healthy.

Watch Madison Bumgarner strike out the world

Well…not exactly. He did strike out 14 Padres in his last start, though: an extra-inning affair that the Giants dropped despite his brilliance. Did I mention he did it in 7 1/3 innings?

If you’re like me, you want to watch them over and over again. Here’s how:

Guess what? We can keep doing it on repeat, except 20-times faster:

If you’re like me, you also just got a little nauseous. Over the video playback, I mean. MadBum Ks could never have that effect.

The Freak meets The Dragon as Tim Lincecum “interviews” Bruce Lee 

Pretty awesome video spliced together by the Giants video department to promote the Bruce Lee Giants bobblehead night coming up in July.

The footage of Lee comes from his world-famous “be like water” interview, but his answers are now in response to Lincecum’s questions about baseball. The Freak does a pretty good job holding his own opposite The Dragon, which is no small feat given the former’s stage presence.

The Giants teased the video with a screen cap a week before its release, and I’m pleasantly surprised that the final product was this well done. Props to Timmy for being so comfortable on screen, and the creative team for this out-of-the-box concept.    

Skeeter the cat: Part II

Matt Duffy has a lot of hype behind him with his impressive play this year, but let’s not forget who the biggest and baddest member of the Duffman clan is:

So long, Orange Fridays—Fat Cat Fridays is in!

Now where can I buy a cat suit? Should I buy a fat suit too?

Ah, the important questions in life.

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