Linkin’ around the cove – Is the tide turning for the San Francisco Giants?


San Francisco Giants fans, don’t fret too much. Yes, it’s been a bad few several weeks, but hey, we’re still in first place and there are a few signs things are looking up. I mean Tim Lincecum is pitching very well, Brandon Belt is back from the disabled list, and Marco Scutaro is back and makes his debut in the lineup today.

Things could be a lot better, but guess what? If thing were better, we’d still be no better than 1st in the NL West. Frankly, I’m fine with taking a few lumps in June and July and staying close in the standings, if it means we’ll be a stronger team in September.


In other news, if you want to catch up on some minor league happenings, Erin’s latest “Cow Tipping” features Brett Bochy, spawn of Bruce Bochy.

"In 4 seasons of his career, Bochy has a 2.88 ERA with 11 wins and 7 losses. He has played in 144 games, pitched 187.2 innings, with 216 strikeouts, and 26 saves. Not too shabby for the kid who had Tommy John surgery at 22 years old. – Read More"


Our newest writer, Matthew Lottice, weighed in on the All-Star Game selections and how the June sump may have cost the Giants more representatives.

"Before that, Michael Morse, Tim Hudson, Buster Posey and Jean Machi were all eligible nominations. Combine that with a healthy Brandon Belt, Angel Pagan,Santiago Casilla, and you had six more potential Giants who could have been tagged All Stars. – Read More"


Who will finish with the better record, Giants or A’s?

"With all that being said, both teams are solid. The Giants are trying to break out of a serious slump, but when they execute the fundamentals, they’re one of the elite teams in MLB. The A’s do just about everything right and are certainly one of the best, if not the best, team in baseball. Which team will finish the season with the better record though?"

Head over and vote. Personally, I think it will be the A’s, but I do believe both teams are playoff bound.


As we mentioned, Scutaro returns to the lineup today, but will his presence make any difference? Maggie Pilloton over at Golden Gate Sports thinks so.

"Scutaro provides a lot of elements that the Giants are severely lacking right now: patience at the plate, smart at-bats, clutch hitting, etc. Even if Scutaro comes back and isn’t able to start, Scutaro’s presence every day in the dugout could greatly benefit the Giants, especially right now. – Can Marco Scutaro Provide a Boost?"