San Francisco Giants Morning Commute: Opening Day Edition!


Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Day is finally here. It seems like it’s been forever, but baseball is finally and officially back for the San Francisco Giants. Here is everything you need to know for today’s opener.

The Giants will face the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix tonight at 6:40 PM Pacific Time. On the mound for the Giants, with his first Opening Day start is Madison Bumgarner. How does Bumgarner feel about today’s game? Well, not very different according to Chris Haft of

"“You want to get the season started on the right note, but it’s not any different from any other game,” said Bumgarner, 24. “Same mentality as always. It’s just more of an honor to get to do it.”"

The rest of their Opening Day lineup should look like this:

Bumgarner will be facing Brandon McCarthy on the mound for the D-Backs.

If you missed the announcement of the 25-man roster, Denise has you covered right here: 25 Man Roster Updates

You probably noticed that Derek Law didn’t make the club, despite his terrific spring. It’s okay, he wasn’t supposed to make it just yet, and he’ll be back with his crew, the Dog Pound. This time though, they’ll all be in Richmond instead of San Jose: Dog Pound Reunites in Richmond, Flying Squirrels Roster

Speaking of the San Jose Giants, they announced their roster for the upcoming season as well: San Jose Giants 2014 Roster

Mark rates each position player, and believes the Giants are looking good for the 2014 season. Check out his ratings: 2014 Chances Looking Excellent for Giants

Chris also made some predictions for 5 Giants players: Predictions for 5 Giants

And, while we’re on predictions, Stuart predicted the Los Angeles Dodgers will win the NL West. Not only that, he predictions a 100 win season for the Bums. Yeah, we don’t like him either (just kidding, please be nice). Stuart Predicts: Dodgers will win NL West

Spring Training is over, but Denise took some fantastic pictures on our weekend there. Check them out: Giants Spring Training Wrap-up

And just for fun, Brian Wilson pitched the 8th inning for the Dodgers last night in their loss to the San Diego Padres. I’ll let Twitter tell the rest.

Happy Opening Day folks! We’ll have you covered tonight.