MLB and San Francisco Giants Baseball Etiquette 102


Baseball Etiquette 102

October 5, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; The grounds crew pick trash off of the field after the Atlanta Braves braves fans protest a call during the eight inning of the 2012 National League wild card playoff game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The first post, Baseball Etiquette 101 was so popular that we decided to post a follow-up article, because we somehow missed some major things. The first article focused mostly on disruptions during the game. However, the feedback we received clearly identified other portions that fans at games should know about.

  1. Never, ever, EVER interfere in the play of game. Don’t stick your glove, hat, or hand over the wall into the field to grab a ball. San Francisco fans are horrible about this. It’s an embarrassment to the team, the fans, and the city. Don’t be Steve Bartman. Until that ball is CLEARLY out of play, don’t go near it.
  2. Do not stand to take a picture of you and your buddy in the middle of an inning! Wait till after the inning is over. (via @bittergiantsfan)
  3. Don’t be that fan that yells at another fan to “sit down” because they are standing up during a big moment of suspense, screaming for a strikeout or a base hit, depending on the situation. Get off your lazy bum and cheer on your team. This isn’t tennis. (via Edwin Ruddick – Facebook)
  4. If the opposing team hits a home run and you are the lucky fan that ends up with the ball, throw it back. Just toss it back on the field. Giants’ fans don’t need that home run ball. In fact, in AT&T Park, an opposing team’s home run ball is the ONLY thing you’re allowed to throw on the field.
  5. Don’t throw anything else on the field. No bananas (I’m talking to you Alexander Poulides). No bottles or trash (and you, Atlanta Braves fans). Stay classy. (Update: This also includes yourself! Don’t go running on that field unless you feel like “going to jail now!” – NSFW language).
  6. If a player (Giants or otherwise) collects their first hit, first home run, or some other notable achievement, and you’re made aware of it, get that ball to the usher to give back to that player. Yes, even if it’s a Dodgers player. You never know, you may get something in return, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about being a fan of the classiest professional sport around.
  7. If it’s the final out of the game, get your butt out of your seat, stand up, and cheer on your pitcher or hitter. Win or lose, support your guys out there.
  8. If a player is injured (your team, your opponent, or some other team you’re watching), never cheer about it. EVER. If you’re at the game, when the player gets up you get up on your feet and you clap for them. This may be the absolute worst rule to break and if you cheer at someone’s injury, you’re a disgusting human being.
  9. Don’t be that drunk guy. Or drunk girl. (via @2outhits) If you plan on getting trashed, do us a favor and sit in the bleacher seats.
  10. Don’t. Do. The. Wave. Don’t ever do the wave. Have we mentioned that before?

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Did we miss anything else? Let us know and we’ll make it a Trilogy!