San Francisco Giants Baseball Etiquette 101


I go to several sporting events throughout the year from hockey to college basketball to baseball. The last two or three times I have been to a baseball game it seems there are novice people coming to the games who don’t know proper fan etiquette. Believe it or not there is baseball etiquette that every day people should have when going to a game.

Jun 8, 2013; Phoenix AZ, USA; The Arizona Diamondbacks mascot Baxter pumps up the crowd during the sixth inning against The San Francisco Giants at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports Images

1) If the game is in progress and you need to get back to your seats — Go up or down the stairs to the row your seat is in and wait for the current player who is at bat to finish before making people in the row stand up and allow you to your seat.

2) If you are going to your seat and waiting by the aisle as suggested in #1, then lay low, duck, sit on the stairs or find an empty seat in the aisle until you have time to safely go to your seat without obstructing other people’s view. In other words, don’t continue to stand up and obstruct other people’s view.

3) If you don’t know where you’re sitting, do not stand in the middle of the aisle  until you find your seat. Ask an usher, it is their job.

4) Let’s say the aisle seats are seat #1 and seat #24. If you have seat #1 and you came up to the aisle and you are at seat #24, simply go back down and around to get to your seat. Do not make 23 people move so you can get to your seat. This includes the first 7-8 seats of each row of seating. In the case above it would be seats 1-8 and seats 16-24.

5) When you are in the concessions area of the stadium, it is a walkway NOT a talk way. If you run into someone you haven’t seen for years in the walkway, move off to the side and do not block the flow of people walking. This also include going as a group of people, do not block the walkway.

6) Know what you want to order at the concessions and have your payment method ready before you reach the counter.

7) If you bring kids, watch them so they are not kicking the seats in front of them or throwing random food, dirty napkins, etc.

8) If you catch a foul ball and there is a kid next to you, give it up. You know, unless you like being heckled.

9) Do not “BOO” your own player. There is one exception to this rule. If the pitcher walks home the tying or go ahead run, it is “maybe” acceptable to “BOO” if that pitcher does it on a regular basis. (We may or may not be talking about Dan Runzler.)

10) Don’t. Do. The. Wave. Don’t start the wave. Don’t participate in the wave. Don’t do it. It’s unnecessary and serves no purpose! If you see the person who is starting the wave, punch them in the face, or at least take a picture of them and shame them on social media.*

* Note that punching someone in the face may be considered assault and battery and you may be charged with criminal and/or civil case. Around the Foghorn and Fansided are not responsible for any legal fees or actions that happen if you punch someone in the face. If you punch someone in the face for doing the wave, you are doing it at your own risk.

If you follow these rules, everyone should be able to enjoy the game.

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