Yankees star that spurned SF Giants has 4 strikeouts on bobblehead day

Aaron Judge had a much rougher bobble head day than Patrick Bailey
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

SF Giants catcher Patrick Bailey went off on Saturday on his bobblehead day. He went 4-for-4 with two doubles and a splash hit. On the other hand, Yankees star and former Giants free-agent target Aaron Judge had a much rougher bobblehead day.

Yankees star that spurned SF Giants has 4 strikeouts on bobblehead day

Bailey had an absolute banner day for the team. He hit the ball hard all game and the results showed it. The stellar day brought his batting average up to .340 for the season. The highlight was his homer into McCovey Cove.

It was a great day for Bailey and the Giants. However, over on the other side of the country, it was a much different bobblehead day for Aaron Judge.

Many Giants fans still have the scars from two offseasons ago when Judge was the team’s top free-agent target. As a guy who grew up rooting for the Giants, there was a hope that he would join his boyhood team and give the Giants the star player they had been searching for.

Unfortunately, it seems that Judge really just used the Giants to try to get a better offer out of the Yankees. Giants fans understand this and will not forget it which is why they will be delighted any time Judge struggles.

On the same day that Bailey had a great bobblehead day, Judge went 0-for-4 with 4 strikeouts on his bobblehead day. This elicited boos from the Yankee fans as Judge’s average for the year dropped to .179.

It is obviously still early in the year, but that is a less-than-ideal start for a guy who the Yankees invested so much money into. Keep in mind that Judge signed with the Yankees for a 9-year, $360 million contract. It will be interesting to see how that deal ends up looking by the end of it, especially with Judge’s injury history.

Giants fans can at least delight in the fact that for one day, a young homegrown Giants went on and put on a show. Bailey is off to a strong start to the year and the Giants hope that the improved offense is here to stay. Maybe they do have a Patrick Bailey bobblehead more often!