Why the SF Giants should trade pitcher Kyle Harrison

Should the SF Giants trade Kyle Harrison to improve their offense going into 2024?

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Why the SF Giants should trade pitcher Kyle Harrison

Reason #2: The SF Giants have enough pitching

If 2023 proved anything, it was that the SF Giants have plenty of pitchers who can start games for them. Whether it’s their ace Logan Webb or rookies like Tristan Beck and Keaton Winn, there were plenty of impressive starting performances. 

One could make the case that the Giants would still have a solid starting staff even if they dealt Kyle Harrison away.

Webb and Alex Cobb are solid at the top of the rotation. Ross Stripling could regain his form and establish himself as a mid-tier starter and the same could be said for Anthony DeSclafani. We are not betting on it but neither one is too far removed from a quality season.

That leaves Beck and Winn to compete for a fifth rotation spot and potentially both could earn rotation spots if Stripling and DeSclafani struggle as they did in 2023. On top of this, the Giants expect the next wave of prospects to be on the pitching side with many expected to be called up as soon as next season.

No doubt, the rotation would be in a weaker position without Harrison. But with the current starters that the Giants have, they may feel that they would still have a competitive rotation that could keep them in games.

Of course, for this strategy to work, their offense would have to improve so that they’d have a more balanced approach and they could give their starters more run support than they were able to in 2023. If that strategy worked, then it would be a valid reason to trade Harrison away.

Trading Harrison would be a controversial and risky move. If they traded him for an offensive piece that gets injured or struggled while Harrison goes in to have a great career, it will look like an incredible blunder. 

But given the fact that the Giants offense is in such a rough place, the front office may decide that the risk is worth it. 

If 2023 proved anything, it is that the SF Giants have to start thinking differently if they want to improve. Trading Harrison would hurt, but it may be the only way the Giants can truly improve going into next season.